Boy's Hairstyles 2013

There are a large number of boys who are conscious of their looks when they get a new haircut. There are many factors that affect boys hairstyles 2013 such as hair color, hair texture, length and facial shape. The way how boys dress also affect the hairstyles. Let’s have a detailed review of these factors.


The first factor that affects boys hairstyles 2013 is the shape of the face. For example, a boy having a round face shape should stay away from crew or buzz haircut because these cuts can make the head look bigger. The haircut must be given according to face and head shape.


The second factor affecting boys hairstyles 2013 is the hair types. It is very important to consider hair type before getting any haircut because not all the haircuts suit all hair types. For example, boys having thick hair type can opt for layers. Similarly, boys have thin hair must stay away from curly hairstyles. Usually boys have two types of hair i.e. straight and curly. A boy with straight hair is ideal person to wear sleek hairstyles with a layered haircut. A layered haircut does not suit curly hair.


The third factor affecting boys hairstyles 2013 is the length of hair. It is suggested to wear hairstyles for natural hair length instead of becoming creative or innovative. There are many boys who have naturally short hair but they love wearing long hairstyles. In this case the hairstyle might not suit the boy and affect his overall appearance.

The fourth factor affecting boys hairstyles 2013 is the hair color. The hair color has a great effect on one’s physical appearance. Boys must get hair color that matches their natural skin tone. For example, a boy with brown skin tone should not get blonde color. These factors will help the boys in getting the perfect hairstyle.


The fifth factor is the fashion sense of boys. There are many hairstyles that are formal while others are casual. A formal hairstyle does not suit rugged boys similarly casual hairstyles do not suit busy or mature men. Hence, it is important to choose the formal or casual hairstyles with great care.


The hairstyle must also match the lifestyle of a person. Many boys are active and love physical activities. These boys need super short or short hairstyles that give them secure looks. On the other hands many boys are experimental and love wearing creative and innovative hairstyles with asymmetrical haircuts.


Mullet hairstyle is popular again and many male models have sported this look. Again this look does not suit all boys. Boys having long hair can tie the hair at the back for a tidy look. A boy must choose hairstyle that is comfortable and easy to style and maintain.

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