Boy Hairstyles 2013

Boys believe that short hairstyles are casual and there is nothing unusual about them. There are many reasons for popularity of short hairstyles. Boy hairstyles 2013 with short length must be simple and plain. One can choose a stylish short hairstyle from unlimited diverse styles. There are many casual boy hairstyles 2013 that can be sported in a fashionable by using basic styling tools and products. For example, in order to get a sleek look you require a comb and gel. It is your choice to use products to get desired hairstyles. The trick to wear casual boy hairstyles 2013 is to avoid getting groomed looks. Your hair type and hair texture also play an important role in getting perfect casual look.


Boys who have straight hair can wear hassle free and easy hairstyles. Often boys like to get a simple hairstyle without any professional assistance especially when are getting ready for casual events. A casual look for straight hair is quickly created without spending more time. The key to wear a casual hairstyle is to get a neat haircut. You can get short layers, cropped cuts and razor sliced cut.


Boy hairstyles 2013 for wavy hair can also give casual looks. Boys who have natural wavy hair must get a haircut in such a way that top looks heavy. Short layers can be added to hair for a messy hairstyle. Straight hair is styled more easily than the wavy hair. The wavy texture of hair is highlighted by applying moulding cream. A wet look for wavy hair is achieved by applying styling gel to damp hair.


Boys who have curly hair can also sport casual hairstyles by enhancing the natural texture with styling products. Boys can apply styling el to loose or tight curls to wear a wet and fun look. Curly hairstyles need to be styled after applying anti frizz serum so that curls are tamed and defined.


Boy hairstyles 2013 have messy styles on top of the list when talking about casual looks. Messy hairstyles can be created for all hair lengths. Many male celebrities have sported these hairstyles at various events. The hair of 2 inches is required to create the messy hairstyle. The hair is messed up with hands after applying gel evenly. This look can last for whole day.


The faux hawk is a tame hairstyle for boys that are simple but adventurous. The sides of head are very short but not shaved. The top hair is long enough to create spikes. The sides can be styled down. This style depends on the choice of the wearer. You need to apply a good amount of gel to make this hairstyle functional. It is not the right hairstyle for you if you cannot use too much products.

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