Bob Hairstyles 2013

Bob style has been popular since 1920s. This type of haircut is given around the head and jaws. The length of hair may vary depending on the type of bob you are going to choose. Up till now bob cut has been evolved and many new additions have been made to it. Let’s have a close look at bob hairstyles 2013.


There are many variations of bob cut. It is said that this hairstyle suits women who have round faces. The first type of bob hairstyles 2013 is the classic bob that is cut without any layers. The classic bob is cut in one length and it is choice of the wearer to opt for a shorter bob. The second type of bob is known as A-line bob cut that is asymmetrical in shape. Victoria Beckham has made this bob hairstyle very popular among women. Basically, this type of bob cut flatters the face shape and work for short to medium length hair.


Blunt bob hairstyles 2013 also look classic and can be cut with short bangs in order to hide the wide forehead. This type of bob cut is meant to soften the sharp facial features. Layers are also added to blunt bob. These layers are cut on the sides and make the face look narrow. Women who have heart or round face shape must get blunt bob cut.


Bob hairstyles 2013 are also styled with bangs. These bangs can be swept on the side or kept straight. Bangs are usually cut for bob of one length so that they can frame the face by drawing attention to cheekbones. Layers can also be added to the sides that reach the shoulders. Katie Holmes has sported fringes with bob cut whereas Nicole Richie has worn side swept bangs with bob cut.


Graduated bob cut is also known as French bob cut that is cut with short layers. These layers will add volume to the hairstyle. It is the choice of the wearer to get long layers in order to enhance the bones of face and jawline. Women who have curly hair should stay away from this type of bob cut.


Asymmetrical bob cut is cut into uneven length. Layers of different lengths are cut and sweep on one side. This cut gives the asymmetrical or diagonal look. It is ideal for creating an innovative look with angles.


Next there is layered bob that will add a lot of volume and shape to the crown area. This type of haircut can be styled with bangs for more enhanced looks. There are many variations in this hairstyle. The length of layers can be kept short as well as long.


Hence, you need to choose the right bob cut that can help you in looking bold and stylish.

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