Bob Hairstyles for 2013

Bob hairstyle is one of the hottest styles of this year. Both short and long hairstyles are equally liked by men and women. Women who are opting for short hairstyles should not ignore bob hairstyles for 2013.


Hair stylists have updated bob hairstyles for 2013 and added new cuts to it. They have added fringes, bangs and choppy layers to the classic bob cut. Bob hairstyles for 2013 are ideal for straight hair types. In fact, bob cut is not only for women with straight hair but also for those who have curly hair. Women who have curly hair must choose messy or casual look so that hairstyle look natural.


There are several recommendations for bob hairstyles for 2013 so that haircut looks gorgeous. Firstly, get a layered haircut for thin hair because layers will add volume to fine hair. Secondly, women with square faces must get a contemporary bob cut. This haircut features hair falling on both sides to frame the face. Thirdly, a variation can be added to the bob cut by adding curls and crimps. Those who have thin hair at the crown area must get inverted bob hairstyles for 2013 because it willing creases the volume at the front.


Short stacked bob cut is voluminous and looks stunning. It will work best for thin, thick, straight and curly hair. A bob cut can also be blunt to follow the latest trends. This type of bob cut must be cut with bangs and color streaks will add a dramatic effect to the hairstyle.


There are a lot of women who have naturally curly hair or straight and smooth hair. These women must wear layered bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is most suitable for ladies who have round faces. Therefore, women having round faces get the solution to reduce the roundness of their face. A layered haircut with inverted bob must be cut at shoulders.

Young girls want to sport edgy bob hairstyles for 2013. These girls need not to worry about styling. They can opt for fresh looks by applying serum or wax. These styling products must be applied from roots to the tips so that they can firmly hold the hair. Run fingers through the hair to ensure even application of wax or serum.


Older women can also try wearing layered bob cut. The best thing about layered bob cut is that it is suitable for all women. Hence, bob hairstyle is one of the stylish hairstyles that is easy to style. One must style the hair after washing and conditioning the hair with good hair products. The hair must fall on the sides so that facial shape is balanced and strong facial features are highlighted. Bob cut can also be coloured for innovative looks.

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