Blonde Hairstyles 2013

Blonde color has proved versatile color for this year.This is the shade that has many tones. Dark tones range from dark golden to dark ash and light tones include neutral ones. The warm shades of blonde are perfect for summer and spring season whereas cooler shades are perfect for winter and autumn season. If you want to wear blonde hairstyles 2013 then you need to have a look at the guide mentioned below.


An ideal shade for neutral blonde color is acquired by adding golden colors. This shade is created by applying blue base so that yellow shade is balanced out when bleaching is done. The right choice of blonde hairstyles 2013 is very important. A textured hairstyle is created by getting a layered haircut. Curls and bangs can also add texture to blonde hairstyles 2013.


Some other dark tones of blonde include neutral golden blonde. It is the right choice for people who have warm skin color. Regular blonde shade gives bright and unnatural yellow color. But the neutral shade gives natural blonde color. Neutral blonde hairstyles 2013 look good with updos and down styles. One mist keep in mind that neutral blonde colors can change their color when treated with hair productsor exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it becomesdifficult to keep the neutral blonde hairstylesforlonger durations. It is suggested to use pigmented shampoos so that hair looks healthy.


Highlights add new shine to blonde hairstyles 2013. It is also a good idea to add black or brown tones for highlights for ash coloured hair. It is necessary to use special shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair so that the color is retained for longer time periods. These products don’t have any cleansing agents therefore; they keep the hair healthy and shiny without harming them. Dark blonde hair offer advantage of combination of highlights. It is considered to be the ideal hair color for all skin tones.


If you are going to change the natural hair color to blonde then you must bare few things in your mind. First of all, try testing a few sections of hair instead of getting the color for all of your hair. The second most important thing is to know aboutyou skin tone. For this purpose, you can talk to your hair stylist or a friend to know if desired blonde hairstyles 2013 suits your face, skin and hair.


Blonde hairstyles can often give disappointing results if you don’t plan before getting blonde color. For example, a girl with dark brown and straight hair can make her dry and thin after getting light blonde color. It is the reason why light blonde shades are suitable for short and blunt haircuts. Some of the popular shades of blonde include platinum blonde, ash blonde, and babyblonde and neutral blonde.

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