Black Women Hairstyles 2013

The trend of hairstyles changes with every season just like the trends of dresses change frequently. It’s never too late to follow the fashion trends. Apparently there are some few top trends for black women hairstyles 2013. The first trend for black women is the pixie cut. It is the hairstyle that is suitable for short hair. Women who have short hair must get a pixie cut. In fact, pixie cut is the most recent trend in hairstyles for black women. Many black women like to wear the classic and stylish hairstyle of Audrey Hepburn while others like to wear the modern pixie version of Rihanna. The haircut of Rihanna is asymmetrical and shows the modern haircut. It is one of the hassle free black women hairstyles 2013. Black bob cut is back again. Rihanna, Hollywood singer, has brought this hairstyle back. The hairstyle can be styled with bangs. Many women don’t feel comfortable wearing bangs with black women hairstyles 2013.


Super-sleek and straight hairstyles are also trendy for black women. There are a lot of black women who have naturally shiny and sleek hair. They can comb the hair and wear the sleek hairstyle down. Many women who have wavy hair can use a flat iron to create sleek looks. Black women hairstyles 2013 also include braided hairstyles. These braids are classic and need low maintenance. Women wearing braids don’t need styling tools.


Many changes have been made to black women hairstyles 2013 to get new and modern looks. Let’s have a look at some of the modern versions of black women hairstyles 2013. The first hairstyle is the twist out hairstyle. It will work for naturally curly and frizzy hair. This hairstyle is created by washing and conditioning the hair to make them tangle free. Now part the hair to make sections and make them wet. You can apply natural oil or gel to the sections. Now split the section into two subsections and twist them together. Repeat the same process for all the hair sections. Use a hair dryer to dry the hair and undo the twists.


Updos especially French roll can be created by pinning the hair up. A French roll is created by washing, conditioning and drying the hair. Part the hair on the side and brush the small hair on the back. Tie the hair at the back to make a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Make sections of the ponytail and start rolling the sections and securing them with hair pins. You can secure the rolled sections in an arranged manner or at random places. Apply hairspray generously so that hair is kept on place. All these hairstyles are the modified and modern versions of the classic hairstyles of black women.

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