Best Mens Hairstyles 2013

You can find many hairstyles for men but short styles are more popular than long and medium ones. Often a man can find an insight his own styles with the hairstyles he wears. Best men's hairstyles 2013 with short length are sleek and fun. These hairstyles are also known as classic hairstyles. Like women, there are specific short hairstyles for men that suit different face shapes. Let’s have a look at some of the best mens hairstyles 2013.


The buzz cut is popular since many years. It is a haircut that is short and one step ahead the bald look. In fact, it is cropped cut hat is cut close to the scalp. It is a traditional haircut that was cut initially for military persons. Some of the other types of buzz cut include the fade buzz cut and buzz with bangs. Best men's hairstyles 2013 are also styled after getting Caesar cut. Thishaircut features horizontal and straight fringes. If you want to know about the classic haircut you must check out the pictures if Julius Caesar.


Faux hawk is another fun haircut that has been evolved from the classic Mohawk. Although faux hawk looks like to original Mohawk but there is some difference. The sides of hair are not shaved in faux hawk haircut. Best men’s hairstyles 2013 have many looks for businessmen. One of such haircut is known as businessman cut. The name of this haircut looks professional and it has many variations. This haircut is tapered on the back and sides. It is styled by parting the hair on one side.


Fade cut also gives best men's hairstyles 2013. Like other haircuts it has also many variations. Some of the types of fade cut include low fade cut, flat top fade cut, Brooklyn fade cut, Philly fade cut and temple fade cut. It is a tapered haircut that requires a cut close on the sides and back.


The butch haircut is also short and a clipper is used to get this cut. The top hair has long length and the hair on side is short. This haircut is clean and fashionable. This haircut has been sported by Justin Timberlake. The surfer hairstyle is made popular by surfers. It is one of the natural and best men's hairstyles 2013 that is styled with gel or wax. The hair of a surfer is bleached due to exposure to sunlight. It is a powerful look that has also been sported by David Beckham, Owen Wilson and Brat Pitt.


The Harajuky haircut is a Japanese style but it is gaining popularity in other parts of the world. This haircut has a combination of hip hop, anime and gothic looks. This hairstyle is created by getting a bright color to hair after getting a haircut with razor.

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