Angled Bob Hairstyles 2013

Bob haircut has been fashionable since many years. Many celebrities have sported this haircut on red carpet events. Many women have followed these celebrities and expressed a new fashion identity with bob cut. No doubt that angled bob hairstyles 2013 give alluring looks without any efforts. There are many types of bob cut such as angled bob, blunt bob, medium bob, bob with bangs and short bob. All these types of bob cut look adorable and suit girls and mature women.


Layered bob cut is trendy and suit straight hairtypes only. Women who have curly cannot get layered bob because layers make hair puffy. Layered bob include different types such as short, blunt and choppy layers. The traditional bob cut was cut at chin but the modern angled bob hairstyles 2013 can be cut at shoulders. These angled bob hairstyles 2013 look like pixie cut and reflect ones personality. These haircuts do not suit people who have round and square face shapes.


Angled bob hairstyles 2013 require frequent trimmings so that angled cuts are maintained to proper shape. One must make efforts to make this haircut look neat and sharp. You can use blow dryer or a flat iron to keep the hair neat.


Angled bob hairstyles 2013 are cut with fringes and bangs. Fringes have the ability to cover the forehead thus hiding any flaws. There are different styles of bangs that go well with angled bob hairstyles 2013. Bangs also differ in length and one can get asymmetrical bangs as well. There are many celebrities who have sported asymmetrical bangs with angled bob such as Emma Watson and Rihhana.


Angled bob can also be cut for slightly long hair. A proper haircut will make hair look glamorous and bouncy. It is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair. People with flat faces can wear this super stylish hairstyle. The angled bob is cut in such a way that the hair look stacked at the back giving view of voluminous and thick hair. Moreover, texture is also added on the crown. Angled bob is popular for adding flair to natural hair. The hair is cut into various angles. Some hair is long while others are short. The long hair is kept on the front and short hair is kept at the back for a stacked effect. This is a versatile haircut that is wearable for all age groups. Young girls, working women andmature women love this haircut due to its versatility and flexibilityof styling.


There are some important tips for those who are going to wear angled bob cut. Curls and crimps will help to give volume if you have thin hair. Keep the angles on the sides if you have square face shape.

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