Ponytail Curly Hairstyles 2013

Summer season is about free time and enjoying things. The best thing about summer is that it brings some fun and playful hairstyles. Curly hairstyles work for summer because you don’t need to spend more time on them. Curls make the hair bouncy and enhance the natural texture of hair. There are many popular summer hairstyles for curly hair but we are going to discuss ponytail curly hairstyles 2013.


Ponytail curly hairstyles 2013 are some great summer styles. A simple ponytail for curly hair is created by combing the hair and pulling them at the back. The hair is tied with a ponytail holder or a scarf. You can also use a hair band of matching color to tie the ponytail. Ponytail curly hairstyles 2013 are workable for all hair lengths. These hairstyles are suitable for formal meetings and casual outings.


Another great ponytail hairstyle for curly hair is to make a half updo. This is a feminine hairstyle that looks flattering on all facial shapes. You can get this hairstyle by pulling the front hair and securing them at the back. You can also back comb the top hair to add height. Secure this backcombed section with bobby pins. The back can be tied into a low ponytail. This hairstyle will frame the face and give feminine looks.


A side ponytail is also suitable for summer outings and family trips. The side ponytail can be created on left or right. The procedure for making a ponytail is simple but the side ponytail is kept low. You can wear this hairstyle casually. For special events you can tie the side ponytail with a scarf and use hair pins for styling.


There are many hairstyles that can be created from a basic ponytail. You can make braids from ponytail curly hairstyles 2013. A braid can be simple or created on the side. You must be familiar with the procedure of making a regular braid. Messy braid is quite new and looks fantastic when created from a high ponytail.


Ponytail curly hairstyles 2013 are also convenient for busy schedules. Although summer offers great hairstyles but you need to take of your curly hair. Curly hair becomes dry and frizzy in humid weather. Therefore, you need to make sure your hair get enough moisture to look fresh. You must use styling products to keep the curls bouncy and prevent frizzy hair.


Summer time is to show your creativity and innovation. Ponytail curly hairstyles 2013 can work well for wavy hair as well. You don’t need to worry about betting stylish looks in scorching heat and humid weather. Moreover, you can make a ponytail for long as well as medium hair and decorate the hairstyle with scarves, hair bands, hair pins or ponytail holders.

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