Top Hairstyles for 2012

Hair stylists have kept an eye on catwalks and top models to decide the top hairstyles for 2012. In fact most of the hairstyles for this year have been evolved from the last year. For example bob cut, layers and pixie cut are still popular.


But these haircuts have been versatile to give the wearer a versatile look. The pixie cut can be worn in different styles for example; with a wet look spikes can add texture and slicking look at the back. All these looks are included in the top hairstyles for 2012 for pixie haircut.The reason to keep an eye on top models is that they wear stylish and innovative hairstyles. Often they wear simple and plain hairstyles and at times they used to wear creative and ultra fashionable hairstyles. Hair stylists choose the best look for the next year and call them as top hairstyles for 2012.

The top hairstyles for 2012 can also be short, long, medium, tie at the back, ruffled, wet, and slicked back. There is another popular bed head look that is popular this year. It is a sort of messy look with neat hair. Bed head look always remain chic and people choose the look because it take less effort to be styled.Top haircuts 2012 also includes Glamzon look that is a strong and bold look. It can be achieved by scraping the hair at the back and tying them in form of a ponytail or a top knot. Many female celebrities have worn this hairstyle to get a powerful and bold appearance.


You can see many glamorous hair accessories with this hairstyle to make the hairstyle more fancy and matching with the dress. Females are always inspired by classic hairstyles. It is the reason why classic hairstyles are popular year after year. The classic retro look is considered as one of the top hairstyles for 2012 with pin curls, back combs and finger waves. It is much easy to style and easy to maintain, for those who have long hair lengths can create buns and chignons that look fashionable. The back combed hair can be piled and secured at the top of the head and firmly hold with use of a hairspray.


Some other top hairstyles for 2012 include layered hairstyles. There are many variations in layered hairstyle. Shattered layers are gaining popularity with uneven edges will not only add volume but also give a bright appearance to females. They can even add kicks to the layered haircut to add a more fun look. Bangs especially side swept bangs can always be added to layered haircut for getting a more versatile appearance. Now you have to decide to get the desired look for the year 2012.


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