Shoulder Length Hairstyles 2012

Medium length hairstyles offer versatility and easy maintenance. Shoulder length hairstyles 2012 are freely flowing and looks best with curls, waves and to get looks similar to their celebrities. Medium lengths or shoulder length are long enough to create a bun and they can add flair to the entire hairstyle. There are few tips and techniques that can enhance the effect of all the shoulder length hairstyles 2012. You can use hot rollers to get the curly effect or flat irons to straight the hair. Bangs can also be added to the hairstyle to change the appearance for formal occasions.

The first classic shoulder length hairstyles 2012 is the bob cut that can accentuate the facial features and can be worn on casual and formal events. The modern bob cut has been modified with layers and razor cut. Addition of bangs can also suit majority of the face cuts. Those who have narrow forehead and point chin with wide cheek structure must get shoulder length hairstyles 2012. Asymmetrical cuts also flatter the heart shaped face.

Girls with long faces and wide forehead and long jaw must also get shoulder length hairstyles 2012. Moreover, fringes can hide the wide forehead by covering it. On the other hand, if you are a girl with short forehead then you must add fullness to the face. Layers can work well with the round faces. Round faces need special attention and you need to add volume on the top so that roundness of face is reduced. Similarly, soft curls will also accentuate the frame of the round face. If you have straight hair and round face then you can get asymmetrical cuts


Girls with square face shapes must also get square edges to get a soft look. You must ask your hair stylist to give you a haircut with graduated layers by adding some volume at the crown and you can get the curls to enhance the shape of your face. Those who like to color their hair can also add highlights to the graduated layers. Don’t forget to get conditioning treatment after highlighting the layers. It is good to buy best quality shampoos and conditioners when you have colored your hair.


Like every haircut, medium length hairstyles need maintenance. But it is very easy to maintain medium hair by getting regular trimmings after every month. Every person has a different growth level of hair, therefore, the time duration f trimming can vary from person to person. You must always select the hairstyle after carefully studying the face shape and the hair types. After getting the haircut, you need to maintain the hair properly. In order to keep the haircut in bets condition, you must use shampoo, gels, serum, conditioners and hairsprays. Visit Hairstyles 2012


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