Short Hairstyles for Women 2012

Long hair takes a lot of time style, wash and maintain. It is the main reason why many people like to get short and easy hairstyles. Short hair does not mean that one cannot create various hairstyles. It is very easy to make some short hairstyles for women 2012. Short hairstyles look glamorous and can be worn on casual and formal occasions. This article will focus on some the latest trends of short hairstyles for women 2012.


Let’s begin with the pixie haircut that is very trendy and hot. There are many celebrities who have worn this sexy and haircuts 2012. It is a short haircut that is easy to maintain. It is cut with long hair on the top and sides and hair at the back are cropped short. It gives a modern look to women who want to look fashionable. Those who want to get short hairstyles for women 2012 can also get waved bob cut. It is another stylish and modern hairstyle that can fit all women.


This type of bob cut has been evolved from the classic bob cut with a little longer hair that can also be curled. This hairstyle can be made with any short hair. Curls can be hold with mousse. You can cur the hair a few inches away from the roots so that heat does not harm your scalp. It is a casual hairstyle with curls and you can get loose or tight curls depending on your choice. You can also get short hairstyles for women 2012 with edgy and wild look.


Other short hairstyles for women 2012 include hairstyle with bangs and fringes. Bangs can be combined with any of the hairstyle. Bangs look simple but elegant. You can wear bangs with pixie or bob cut. If you like to frame your face then fringes are the best way to do so. You can style bangs and fringes for nay occasion. A retro look with cropped short hair can be achieved with fringes. A pixie cut with bangs is highly fashionable and getting popularity in year 2012.


Women who love layered haircuts can also combine layers with short hairstyles for women 2012 because layers are not only for long hair. You can create various fun looks with layers. A more enhancing and sophisticated look can be achieved y getting a layered haircut with bangs. Layers have the ability to frame the face and bangs will add a style to the face. There are several types of layers including edgy and asymmetrical layers. This hairstyle will work for all face shapes and all hair textures. The key to look unique with short haircuts is to find out the hairstyle that compliments your face shape.


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