New Short Hairstyles for 2012

In the year 2012 many old hairstyles have been modified and given a new look so that they can look creative. New short hairstyles for 2012 are fashionable and many women and young girls are searching for suitable short hairstyles. Last year bob and pixie cuts remained popular but these two hairstyles are again in fashion but a little modification.

There are many plus points of getting new short hairstyles for 2012 as one need not to worry about styling of hair. Secondly short hairstyle needs less maintenance as compared to long hairstyles. Basically new short hairstyles for 2012 are categorized into three styles namely jaw length. Super short and chin length hairstyles.The versatile of all these new short haircuts 2012 can be combined with fresh colors to get a chic and feminine look. Let us discuss some of the most popular new short hairstyles for 2012.

The first popular short hairstyle of this year is the bob cut. it is a hot hairstyle that give the wearer a stylish and gorgeous appearance for all types of events. Bob cut is a versatile hairstyle that can all the face types. Those who have round face shape can get little linger bob cut. The effect of bob cut is stunning as it help to elongate the rind face and making it slim at the same time.


If you have straight hair then what you are waiting for, simply visit a salon and ask fore the bob cut. The bob can also be combined with bangs to get the most stylish effect. Girls with wavy hair can also get the bob cut and later on straight then with flat iron to get the sleek look. The bunt bob cut add volume and bounce to the hairstyle. Other new short hairstyles for 2012 include the pixie cut that is achieved by trimming the hair along side the ears. The addition of choppy layers make is more beautiful. This hairstyle also works well with bangs and fringes, the bangs are mostly kept on the side to get the desired short hairstyle.


There are two ways of getting this hairstyle. The first way is to get it with sleek and straight look and use shine serums to keep the hair look healthy and shiny. The other way is to opt for a natural look wit addition of slight waves and curls. Other new hairstyles of this year include razor punk hairstyle that is casual. It can be achieved by cropping the sides and giving an edgy touch to the hairstyle. But you need to apply extra amount of mousse to style this punk hairstyle. This is a creative hairstyle that needs less maintenance.


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