Mens Hairstyles 2012

Unlike women, men don’t have much to do when it comes to getting the fashion factor rocking in them. With a limited list of things to take care of, the issue of the hairstyle for men dashes to the forefront. Being the most imperative and prominent aspect of a man’s appearance, the hairstyle is something of great concern and demands the most trendy and latest styles to satiate the quench for the fashion statement.. Every year styles undergo transition to meet the new flow of demand and change. This time men’s hairstyles 2012 have marked some innovative and smart styles for men that are running in hot demand.


Men’s hairstyles trends that rocked in the fashion stream this year are:

The Messy Bed Head style which gives a messy and disheveled appearance by simply not putting in much effort because of the messiness that resembles an out-of bed look. A hair paste acts well for this style by halting the hair in position. It is a style that suits specially the young adults and teenagers.

Retro is amongst the hottest style trends of men which includes the pompadour and quiff. This men’s hairstyles 2012 projects a look of the 1950’s rock n roll legends with the top hair fluffed up in an appealing manner. It a style that’s adds confidence to the personality in a classic appearance. Works well on hair with a length of 3 to 5 inches.

The short spike hairstyle projects the dangerous and wild look. It is ideal for the young adults with hotness in their personality. It’s a style much appreciated by women too. It can be of varied styles such as the porcupine spikes or less upright and messy spikes like that of Robert Pattinson. The short length adds the dash of the modern look to men’s hairstyles 0f 2012 and gives it a distinct look from the typical funky look. Prominence to the short spikes can be added by trimming the sides.

The back combed gel/ cream style is a trend that has been long seen in vogue. It still tops the list of the best styles this year too. The gel gives a dark and strong manly look and is perfect for formal occasions. The best cited celebrity example is of Antonio Bendaris. It can also be used for shoulder length of men tied up in a pony tail.

The natural curl style is one of the popular men’s hairstyles 2012 in the salons. With more curls than natural hair and directed in all directions, it tends to give a spectacular fashion appeal to the personality.

Men’s hairstyles this year have seen a variety of new, fresh and hot styles that have acted as a factor to highlight the grace, elegance and style appeal of men. This year is seeing some hot new looks for men and their hair. Some of these looks are from days gone by while others are fairly new.


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