Long Wedding Hairstyles 2012

Long wedding hairstyles 2012 primarily include half updos and down dos with a mass of gorgeous curls and waves flowing down our back. For the bride who has thick chestnut and curly hair, a half do that secures all her gorgeous curls wit bobby pins in to create a gorgeous mass at the top is a very good option from among the long wedding hairstyles 2012 . The rest of her hair is left back cascading in a becoming fashion in this hairdo from among the long wedding hairstyles 2012.

If the bride in question has a round and chubby face then she can opt for some side swept bangs on her face with this hairdo from among the long wedding hairstyles 2012 so that the volume of her face is decreased somewhat and she appears from slimmer and toned as far as her face cut is concerned. This hairdo can be adorned and made glamorous by adding some jewels to it. The bride in question can wear bejeweled clip at the side of her head.


She can also entwine bejeweled strings in the curls on the mass on top of her head in this hairdo chosen from among long wedding hairstyles 2012.For the bride with waist length wavy hair that is also blonde in texture we have the perfect long wedding hairstyle from among the long wedding hairstyles 2012. This hairstyle is a no brainer, all you have to do to brush the lustrous waves with a wide tooth comb and then create a side partition. Make sure you do a little bit of back combing on the longer side of the side partition so that it looks a bit fluffed up.

The shorter side of the side partition should be secured with a nice bejeweled clip or hair brooch. After the hair has been combed thoroughly, it might be a good idea to apply some curl enhancing cream to the gorgeous tresses along with some gloss adding serum. The curls and waves created on the longer side of the side partition ought to be splayed over one shoulder and the rest of the hair should be left cascading down her back.


This hairdo chosen from among the long wedding hairstyles 2012 is ideally suited for those brides who are not wearing any veil on their big day, and those who have a chubby or square cut face whose volume needs to be diminished. The length or the hair can achieve this purpose beautifully as the onlooker would marvel at the bride’s gorgeous mass of curls rather than her around and chubby face. This hairdo would also look good on a dress hat has a wide and deep neckline as the hair would contrast well with a little bit of flesh and also there would be no fear of the hair getting entangled in the bride’s dress.


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