Long Bob Hairstyles 2012

Long bob hairstyles 2012 this year have been introduced with a toned down look. Models on the ramping sporting long bob haircuts 2012 had ample amounts of gel applied to their hair for a sophisticated and matted appearance. One particular model had a side partition on her long bob hairstyle and soft curls at the ends of her hair. The bob fell slightly below her chin line and encircled her face in a becoming manner.

Popular teen celebrity Selena Gomez wore a long bob hairstyle on her gorgeous jet black hair that has become an epitome of hairstyle for all teens to follow. She wore her long bob that fell below her collar bone with a straight cut. On her forehead she wore blunt cut bangs that gave her small and round face an adorable appeal that many men would find irresistible.


Jennifer Aniston styled her gorgeous blonde mane into a long bob hairstyle as well but with graduated layers. She also opted for long and side swept bangs with this hairdo and chose to add streaks to this stylish hairdo. The lowest layers in this hairdo of hers fell below her collar bone and the shortest layers fell just above her ears. She tainted her roots with jet black and applied dirt strawberry blonde low lights to her layers.

Jennifer Aniston wore this long bob hairdo with a messy look that maybe easy to achieve for some and tough for others. The reason for this is that it takes the right combination of style and recklessness to wear a chic messy hairdo. It is best to shampoo your hair before wearing any hairdo. Next apply some styling mousse to your lovely tresses with layers. Now run fingers through your layers twirling the ends with your finger tips in an elegant manner. But make sure you do not make your hair look like a pair of instantly noodles hanging off our scalp. Make a slanting partition of your hair at the top and bedazzle every one with this lovely hairdo.


Pop queen Rihanna has been wearing an angled long bob on her hair for quite some time now. She has been blessed with the quintessential jet black color common to African Americans and she has brought flavor to it with sophistication and style. The pop queen has opted for an angled long bob with the front flicks brushing her collar bones and beyond and the back ends barely touching her nape. Again she has opted for a side partition with the longer end of the side partition having a longer flick. Rihanna has not played much with her hair otherwise and worn this long bob hairdo with chic simplicity. The good thing about this is that it compliments her face in the best of ways bringing out the beauty of her features in the most elegant of manners.


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