Hairstyles for Round Face 2012

Hairstyles for round faces in the year 2012 have been worn by many celebrities who like to look raving and sexy despite the spherical cut of their face. For instance, the popular celebrity Catherine Zeta Jones wore her hair very sensibly to accentuate her round face.

She went for layers starting below her chin and falling all the way down to her bikini line. With a centre partition she kept the top straight. The rest of her layers were curled in an elegant manner with a messy wet look that only the most skillful of hairdressers can achieve. The curls can be achieved by shampooing your hair and topping them off with a good conditioner.


Next you can curl the ends of your hair with a curly iron but make sure you take four inch thick partition/sections of your hair to create the effect of lustrous curls. Before twirling your tresses around the curling iron it is advisable to apply some curl enhancing cream so that you hair retains the curly texture for maximum duration. Once done with the curls run your fingers through your tresses very gently and look like a sex goddess similar to Catherine Zeta Jones.


Another cool example of a celebrity wearing a hairstyle over her adorable round face is none other than Keira Knightly. She sported a short cropped look with messy bangs across her forehead recently. She had opted for a layered cropped haircut. The haircut has blunt cut bangs with razor sharp edges. The blunt cut bangs were brushed sideways and reduced the volume of her face beautifully. The actress had a dyed her hair a beautiful shade of honey blonde with sun kissed streaks added hair and there to highlight the layers.


Also she was sporting a messy look about her hair that needs a trick or two to look absolutely chic. To create such a messy look all you need to do is to apply some styling mousse to your short cropped hair once you have shampooed it fresh. Now run your fingers through this haircut but make sure you do it with the utmost care using the tips of your fingers gently.

Popular actress Kirsten Dunst was wearing a small curly bob over her round face to create an interesting haircut for her round face as per the fashion trends of haircuts 2012. She was sporting a centre partition with soft curls at the ends of her hair her face looked like that of a pretty school girl off to home after a long day with this gorgeous hairdo for her round face.


This hairdo largely depends on the texture of your hair. If you have been blessed with soft curls in your hair by Providence with small child like round face ten you should get a haircut like this to accentuate the beautiful features of your round face.


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