Bob Hairstyles for 2012

Bob hairstyles for 2012 have come up with a large variety this year. Many celebrities have been sporting short and long bob hairstyles this year to look sassy and chic.


Bob hairstyles 2012 suggest many interesting cuts this year. Heiress and daughter of pop icon Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie has sporting an elegant long bob in 2012 that is becoming the fashion icon for most women around the world. She has gone for simple and straight long bob with blunt cut bangs. Since the heiress has been blessed with platinum blonde she decided to spice it up a bit. She tainted the roots of her hair with a dirty blonde color and looked positively striking. The straight cut looked very becoming on her round face especially when she brushed her bangs sideways.

This hairdo has a huge benefit of absolutely no maintenance especially for those women who have absolutely dead straight hair. For women who have been blessed with dead straight locks, all they will have to do is to brush their hair after a fresh shampoo and good application of conditioner. For women who have wavy texture in their hair they ought to iron their hair with a straightening iron to complete the look. You can accessorize this long bob hairstyle with a head band as well or a pair of clips.


Angled bob hairstyles are also being worn a lot by women this year following the example of the Hilton Heiress Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton has been wearing an angled bob hairstyle with her hair dyed to a platinum white shade. Paris Hilton wore the angled bob with the front flicks touching her collar bones and beyond and the back barely brushing her nape.

She was sporting a straight centre partition with this angled bob and had tainted two inches other hair strands from her roots in jet black. This hairstyle is recommended to all those women out there who have a heart shape face and dead straight hair. Women who have wavy or curly hair should void this hairdo at all costs. Also it would be a good idea to wear rose red lipstick with this hairdo to create an absolutely striking effect.


If you have a bony round face you can get blunt cut bangs that are brushed sideways with a bob that falls just below your ears. It is best to add some honey blonde streak to your bangs area provided you have jet black hair, Also this straight bob ought to be worn by women who have dead straight hair.


The reason for this is that women who have wavy hair would not look that great with this hairdo and straightening your hair every morn can be really damaging to your hair quality so its way better to be safe than sorry. You can accentuate this hairdo with a head band that could be simple in nature or a bit ornamental depending on the nature of the occasion you are attending.


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