Blonde Hairstyles 2012

Blonde hairstyles 2012 this year have many variations in them from platinum blonde to strawberry blonde etc. Women with platinum blonde hair have tried to sport a punk look with spikes and a cropped appearance, many of these women have chosen the option of tainting the roots of their platinum blonde hair with a bit of dirty blonde colour.

For centuries now, blonde and fair hair has been considered ad sign of beauty among women of all races and back grounds. Many women have bleached their hair or dyed their hair to look like a fair maiden. When we think of the word blond hairstyles 2012, the first thing that comes to our mind is the variety of blonde shades that we can dye our hair into in the year 2012.


Many women experience a disaster when they bleach their hair for a long time to get platinum blonde hair. They end up getting a dirty shade of brass blonde that is every woman’s nightmare. Hair stylists suggest that one is ought to get some orange or purple strakes when such a catastrophe befalls you instead of hiding in your bedroom for a whole month.


Hairstylists suggest that on the occasions when you are feeling experimental and want to create a combo of blonde and black hair they should choose the darkest shade of brown instead of jet black as black looks too dramatic to really suit your persona. You can either dye you’re your chocolate brown and them taint the tips with honey blonde or you can add dirty blonde or mahogany to the combination as well.


Extremely short hair that is naturally blonde ought to be styled on the lines of cropped short cut or should have layers. It is also a good practice to get razor sharp edges when choosing such a hairstyle as your choice of short cropped haircuts 2012. There is also the option of choosing a pixie haircut for your hair if you want a small and bony face. However, the pixie cut suits a certain set of facial features and cannot look good on all face types. Therefore only opt for pixie cut if you have been blessed with a chiseled face.


A word of advice for women who are not blonde especially women from the Asian section and from the African section, blonde hair is for those women who have been blessed with a certain complexion type. It is not something that can should tried over dark or whitish complexion. It looks good on fair skin. Please avoid using third rate bleach powders ion your gorgeous chestnut or jet black hair just to join the bandwagon of all those crazy women who like to go blonde. If you are not blonde be happy with it and flaunt it.


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