Black Hairstyles 2012

It is the world where everyone is busy and hardly finds enough time to style his/her hair with ease. It is the reason people look for easy hairstyles that do not require time and efforts. After a lot of research some low maintenance black hairstyles 2012 have been introduced. One of the black hairstyles 2012 includes the twists that can be created with one or two strands or coils.

It is an easy style that can be created with damp hair. To make this hairstyle you need to make sections of your hair depending on the size of the twists you want to make. If you want to make two strands twits then you can take two sections and divide into half from top to bottom. Now twist one portion over the other and continue the process down the length. You can also apply gel to hold the twists together. But it is not necessary to use gel. To make one strand twist you can start sectioning of hair with the help of your finger or a rat tail comb. Twist the section while pulling the comb.

The second easy hairstyle can be created by washing the hair and applying diluted option and rolling the hair. You can use rollers of desired size to get large or small sized curls. For this purpose, you can use straws to get tight curls. In fact, the large rollers will give you lose curls. After you have rolled the hair you can use a dryer to let them dry.


Other black hairstyles 2012 include cornrows and braids. There is the choice of wearing braids or cornrows or even combination of both. Often people wear this hairstyle with hair extensions. Braid out and twist out are other good options of black hairstyles 2012 that can hold hair securely. After making twists and brads or a couple of weeks you can take them down and an afro texture is created. This hairstyle can be worn for weeks.

Blow out is one of the black hairstyles 2012 that is worn after straightening the hair with heat. Make use that you dont use any chemicals to straight the hair. You can use conditioners after washing the hair and blow dry them and use a flat iron to straighten the hair. A lock is another great option that can be styled for loner time duration. It can be started with one stranded twist or two stranded twist. The size of locks depends on the personal choice of the wearer. No doubt, it is the easiest hairstyle that can be maintained easily. There are other styling options as well that can give the wearer a gorgeous and secure look. You can become creative in making of all these hairstyles.



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