short haircuts for round faces

People with round faces often find a number of hairstyles that can make them look young and beautiful. But they need to choose short haircuts for round faces properly that can compliment their facial features. Moreover, it is your hair stylist who can tell you about hair length. Often medium lengths suit many people with round faces but others are suggested to get short haircuts. If you have a round face and want to get short haircut then try wearing a haircut at chin level with layers. The layers will add volume to the hair and reduce the roundness of the face. If you have straight hair and looking for short haircuts for round faces then you can opt for blunt cuts at the ends. Many celebrities have been seen wearing blunt haircuts for their round faces.


Bob cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for round faces. It is a conventional and stylish haircut that can be cut with and without bangs. Many women like to get asymmetrical bobs to get a narrow look for the face. There is another style of getting bob that is to get long hair at the front and short at the back. Curls can also be added to the ends of bob cut to get a sleek look. This haircut will also accentuate the bone structure of the wearer. Roundness of face can also be reduced y adding layers to the short haircuts. Layers can work well with all types of hair textures including curly, straight and wavy hair. But you must remember one thing that when you want to layered short haircuts for round faces, don’t opt for super short haircuts.

Other short haircuts for round faces include bangs that can be kept longer on the sides to reduce the fullness of face. In fact, bangs and fringes look very stylish and can be combined with any haircut to add volume at the top. You can style your hair by parting the hair in the middle to enhance the features. Next there is pixie cut that requires hair to be short. The haircut is cut in such a way that the hair looks voluminous. You can style the pixie cut by making spikes by wetting the hair and applying gel to it. Later on, make spikes and hold them with hairspray. Shaggy cut is another short haircut that gives a funky but stylish look. It is the haircut that is cut between shoulder and chin area.Shaggy cut can also be styled with straight as well as curly hair types. All the short haircuts require less maintenance and you don’t have to take much care of them. All you need to do is to get regular trimmings.


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