Short Haircuts for Men

Men are very conscious about getting the right hairstyle that can help in looking stylish without taking much care of the hairstyle. There are many short haircuts for men that can help them to get various styles without worrying about maintenance. Men can follow some of the useful tips to keep the short hairstyle for longer duration. Although there are a lot of short haircuts for men but some of the most popular haircuts are mentioned here.


The first haircut is called the buzz cut that is short and cut with clippers. The hair is usually very short and can be maintained by shaving them. It is the haircut that make skull visible therefore you must choose this haircuts after knowing bout the shape of your head. So, it’s good to talk to the hair dresser before getting the buzz cut. When you want to change the hairstyle you can also think of getting a new hair color. It is often believed that hair color is changed by women only but today men are also opting for different hair colors.


Other short haircuts for men include the Caesar cut that is cut with horizontal fringe. It requires cutting of hair to a shorter length but not cropped. The hair can be combed easily but they don’t flow over. It is one of the short haircuts for men that need less maintenance and can be styled by applying gel on hair and creating spikes. Men who have busy routines must get business man haircut that is extremely short and gives a professional look. This haircut has many variations and can be cut by giving a tapered look on the sides and back and the top hair can be parted on one side.


The fade cut is another popular short haircuts for men that is available with many variations. It includes flat top fade, temple fade, low fade, Philly fade and Brooklyn fade. It is a type of tapered haircut that has hair close on the sides and the back and tapered in upward direction. There is an Ivy League haircut that is becoming popular among men who want short haircuts. Men who want to get Ivy League haircut can choose to get the traditional look or the cotemporary look. There is piecey haircut that is also known as chunky haircut. It refers to clumping of short hair randomly and the look can be set with the help of gel, wax or mousse. You can start by washing the hair and combing them and application of styling product to clump the hair. The fauxhawk and Mohawk haircuts are also available in variations. Both the haircuts require cutting of side hair to shorter length and the top hair is long.


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