Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length haircuts have the benefit of looking like a long hairstyle when styled the right way at the same time medium length haircuts are much easier to maintain compared to long hair. The simplest way to make your hair look long and yet mange them with ease to get a straight haircut just beneath the shoulders like half a finger. All you would have to do hence forth is to iron your hair with a straightening iron each morn in case you have wavy or curly hair you can also opt for re-bonding which keeps your hair permanently straight from six months to a year.


Medium length haircuts can involve layers. Layers add variety to your hair and a good option whether you want to add volume to your hair or decrease it, for instance if your hair is dead straight, layering in a medium length haircut is a good option. You can add bangs to the combination and your hair would attain a new dimension altogether. It is recommended by hairstylists to add some highlights to medium length haircuts with layers as it enhances the haircut even more.If your hair is naturally wavy then get a medium length haircut that starts from your collar bone at the front and your nape at the back. Get some side swept bangs and get them iron. Let the rest of your hair stay in curls. It should a straight cut otherwise as your waves would provide much variety without any experimentation.You can get a long bob as your choice of medium length haircut too. Add some layers to this long bob. The upper most layers should start from ears and the lowest layer should skim your collarbone and nape elegantly. The layers should be blow dried inwards or brush inwards with a round brush.

This haircut looks best with slight side partition just off the off centre. You can also add variation to this haircut by blow drying the lowest layer outward and the upper layer inwards.Make sure you use go to a seasoned hairdresser before choosing any particular medium length haircut for yourself as it should your personality and the hairdresser can advise you best about it.

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