Medium Haircuts for Women

Medium haircuts for women who have thin or fine hair work best when they are straight haircut or have a slight U shape haircut. This style of haircut tends to give your face volume, frames your face and accentuates your features in a becoming manner.


Medium haircuts for women who have been blessed with an abundance of lustrous waves ought to have layers in them. It is best to have a shallow U shape medium haircut with two to three layers at the ends of the hair. Medium length haircuts of this sort do not require much styling as waves are best carried when left in their natural state. All you would have to take about is to make sure you shampoo your hair with gentle shampoo that preserves the lustrous and waviness of your lustrous mane.


If you have thick and dead straight hair you have two to three options in medium haircuts for women. You can opt of a straight long bob in case you have a round face. The bob should brush your collarbone in an elegant manner. It frames your face such that the roundness is reduced a great deal. If you have a long face it is recommended for you to get blunt cut bangs with a long bob. The blunt cut bangs would add width to you long face making it more proportionate. You can opt for an angled bob in case you have a chubby face. The angled bob speaks of sophistication and has hipness to it as well. The angled bob has longer flicks at the front and a wedge like cut at the nape.


Medium haircuts for women with frizzy hair out to be cut with outmost care, it is usually recommended that women with frizzy hair ought to have hairstyles that start slightly beyond the shoulders so that the wildness of your frizzy hair does not make you look like lion. It is best to go for layered haircut so that the frizziness is reduced somewhat and there is some tameness and definition to your frizzy hair and you look like an elegant debutante.


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