Medium Haircuts

Medium haircuts offer a variety of styling options for you Whether you want to get them in a long bob, keep the cut straight, get layers added in them or get them all curled up. Medium haircuts are favored by most women due to the assurance that you would not look like a fashion fiasco after getting a medium haircut since extremely short cropped look favors very few women.

em>Medium haircuts hairstyle primarily signifies a hair length that starts just below the shoulders to just above them. The bob, shag haircut and straight hair cut are all included in medium haircuts. Medium haircuts depend a great deal on your hair texture let us take the example of curly hair first. If you have tight curls the get your curls cut in such a way that they should brush your collar bone at the front and your nape at the back. Some of the front flick should touch your temples and cheeks. This medium cut gives a various length to your hair and basically frames your face.

If you have extremely thin hair and your hair texture is dead straight then you need a hairstyle which not only adds volume to your hair but variety too. The shag haircut is the perfect option for you in such a case. You can add layers in your shag hair cut with a combination of side swept bangs. The upper layer for this shag medium haircut would be just above your ears while the lowest layer would be brushing your collar bone. There would half a centimeters difference in the layers and the ends would have a chopped look. All you would have to do to maintain this shag medium haircut would be to brush all the layers outwards except for the bangs which would have to brush inwards and try to add some height to your bangs while combing them.

Do check with your hairdresser when you want to chose any medium hairstyle. Avoid going to your hairdresser with a particular hairstyle out of a magazine and being adamant that you would want only this particular haircut as it might make you look like a fashion disaster.