Long haircuts for women

Long haircuts for women primarily depend on the hair texture and the face cut of the woman in question. Round faced women ought to have haircuts which take the observers attention away from her face to her gorgeous mane.


If you have jet black silky straight hair it best that your go for layered cut as your choice of a long haircut for women. You can opt for the upper layer to start from somewhere your cheeks. Go for a centre partition with this long hairstyle for women. You would not have to do a great deal of fuss in order to maintain this particular long haircut for women. All you would need would be a nice shampoo that keeps the silkiness of your tresses intact without making them appear oily and all drabbed up. The next thing would be make sure you brush your hair inwards for this particular long haircut for women.If you have wavy hair you have been blessed with nature‘s best gifts for wavy hair looks best when it is worn in a long haircut.


It is highly advisable to choose a long haircut for women that are cut in U shape at your back. The U shape should start just an inch or two beneath you r shoulders and go all the way down your back caressing your waistline in a very seductive manner. The wavy should not be brushed rigorously with a hard brush instead after each bath you should apply some conditioner and a gloss enhancing cream. Next get a wide tooth comb and comb your hair while they still semi damp as this would create lustrous curls at the ends of your hair making you a sight to behold with awe and wonder.


Make sure you get your split ends and rough ends trimmed regularly as they make the most gorgeous of manes look ugly and unkempt. The best way to avoid them is to go to your hair dresser after two to four weeks and get half an inch’s trimming at the ends. Regular oiling and a good quality conditioner can also do wonders for your long haircuts for women.


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