Haircuts for Long Faces

Haircuts for long faces need to have just the right length. The hair length neither be too long like falling to your waistline nor a short cropped look. Haircuts for long faces should create an illusion of width so that it creates a balance against the length of your width. For instance if you have a long face and you feel like getting a bob haircut than get a bob cut that falls to your chin. Jagged bangs look really good on women with long faces as well.


It is advisable for women with long faces to keep shoulder length straight hair cuts and then do a side partition with this haircut. The side [partition makes your face look wider and reduce the illusion of length somewhat. Curls look really good on long faces since the volume of curls around the face makes you look very hip and smart.Pixie haircut which is short and cropped looks lovely on woman with long faces. The pixie gives width to your face as well and reduces the length of your face somewhat. Women who have long face and wavy hair should do a side partition on their hair and get layers such that you have layers with a side partition .side partition does wonders for a long faces as it reduces the length and emphasizes the width of the face.


Waves that caress your face around your jaw line all the way to your collarbone make lovely haircuts for long hair. Waves which are left at your shoulders and at the front in wild abandon make lovely haircuts for women with long faces.Long faced women should avoid all haircuts that give you volume at the top. Any haircut which adds volume at your crown should be avoided by women who have long faces. Puffs with back combing should be avoided at all costs. Short layers near the top should be avoided y women with long faces when choosing haircuts for themselves.


Do consult a hairdresser before choosing any haircut for long faces as the haircuts depend on the hair texture a great deal as well. Some women have frizzy hair others have silky hair while others still have wavy hair. hence, it is important to choose a haircut that suits your hair texture as well as your long face cut.

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