Haircuts for Long Hair

Haircuts for long hair tend to vary depending on your hair texture and your exact hair length as long hair could be shoulder length, waist length or even hip length. Wavy hair looks best when the haircuts chosen for them have layers. The reason being that layers in wavy hair tend to lessen the volume of the waves somewhat at the same time it adds some spice and style the haircut.


Women with dead straight hair should avoid simple straight hair at all costs. Dead pan hair needs to e revived with layers and bangs. V shape or U shape haircut can also be opted if you have dead straight hair. V shape haircut for long hair with a combination of blunt cut hair looks extremely sexy and chic. U shape haircut for long hair is better since it does not decrease that much volume of your hair but adds variety to it nonetheless.


You should bangs with any haircut for long hair if you want to reduce the volume of your face. If you have a small forehead and a long face then its best to avoid bangs and hair your haircut for long hair in a back swept fashion.Frizzy hair are the most difficult to tackle with women with this kind of hair better avoid any layers in their haircuts as the layers would not be that apparent. It s best to wear frizz hair in length starting from slight below your shoulders to your waistline at least. Hip length frizzy hair looks best. In order for frizzy hair to look good it is always advisable to wear frizzy hair beneath your waist all the way to your hips. This way the roots of the hair remain glossy.


Moisturizing glossy hair is very important as well since it hardly has any moisture of its own. The ends of frizzy hair need to be cut very frequently as it tends to develop split ends very easily. It is recommended by hair dresser to do a fortnightly check of split ends of your frizzy hair. A gloss adding serum on your haircut for long hair would dull the frizziness somewhat and make you look very sophisticated.

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