Long Choppy Haircuts

Long hair have always remained very popular among woman as many of them don’t want to cut their hair short but sometimes straight hair can be very boring .Long choppy haircuts not only gives a new look but a new dimension to ones personality as well.


Long choppy haircuts can be achieved on the existing haircuts or one can get a new haircut and then cutting the hair choppy. They can be cutted by anyone with the basic hair cutting knowledge. All you need to do is first prepare your hair for cutting like any other hair cut. Wash your hair with shampoo than after towel drying them put serum on the hair from roots to the end to avoid hair damage than with the help of a flat iron straight the hair.


You could now do the long choppy haircut on your hair or get your desired cut first and then do the chopping. Take a strand of hair and hold it an angle of 45 now hold your scissor at the same angle and cut the hair. Similarly by taking different strands of hair and cutting them respectively you could achieve any of your desired long choppy haircuts.Long choppy haircuts with layers are a unique combination of a choppy cut along with layers thus creating a beautiful look.

The layers are slightly defined and compliment the choppy ends. Long choppy haircuts can be layered all the way along or just at the end to provide some flip movement. These haircuts are basically for the women with thick hair as they tend to taper the volume of the hair thus giving the hair more sleek and refined look. Long choppy haircuts will make you feel like losing the weight of your hair yet not losing the look. Cutting the ends of the hair with random snips creates a jagged look which is more edgy than any other evenly finished look. More over long choppy haircuts can also be worn with bangs and side parting.


Long choppy haircuts are very demanding as they can look real shabby if not trimmed regularly. They best suit the woman with oval and round faces. Therefore before giving yourself long choppy haircuts you must keep in mind all of these things.


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