Short Layered Haircuts

Short Layered haircuts are suitable on a variety of face cuts. Whether you have a defined jaw line or a weak chin, cutting your hair in layers would give your face a prominent look. Short layered hair cut begins with bangs or fringe all the way to the length of you hair which is usually shoulder length at maximum.


Another way to start your first layer is from your ears or chin which is ideal for women with a heart shaped face. The first layer around your chin frames your face beautifully. It is recommended that for a short layered hair cut you should get a minimum of two to three layers in your hair cut. The difference in the layers should be notable and prominent. Blow drying your short layered hair is the best way to highlight the difference in the layers. Hair stylists recommend dyeing the last layer of your haircut with a clashing shade as it throws of the light beautifully.


This year women have been getting rough edges in the last layer and have dyed it deep purple of mahogany to give their hair a sassy look. Getting dark highlights in blonde hair is also the trend this year for cropped layered hair cut. It gives your hair the much craved definition and uniqueness that every women desires.


It also in fashion this year to apply liberal amounts of hair mousse to your wet and freshly cut short layered hair as it gives your hair a messy carefree look. This adds a reckless image to your persona which is very alluring. Women suffering from dreadful split ends can now solve this eternal problem with a nice trim layered hair cut which would not only give their hair bounce and shine but would also ensure a healthy growth of their hair.


Outward blow drying on your short layered hair cut is ideal for any formal gathering as it gives your normally limp hair lots of volume and manicured curls. For women who have lifeless dead straight hair a short layered hair cut is a great hairstyle to get out of the monotony of their hair. Teenagers love this hair style for its uniqueness and easy maintenance. It emphasizes the recklessness and carelessness of their age and yet makes them look elegant when the time asks for it. Whether you want to look all elegance at a ball or want to look alluring and messy at a picnic short layered hair cut is the right hairstyle for you.Find out more layered haircuts


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