Military Haircuts

Do you like to get a haircut that requires minimum maintenance but looks stylish? Many men like to opt for such hairstyles that are worn by soldiers. It is true that soldiers don’t have time to get luxurious hairstyles. They need military haircuts that need low maintenance. These super short haircuts are not only obtained by soldiers or military people but also by young men who want to get carefree hairstyle. There are many hairstyles offered by military that can be chosen by soldiers. They are bound to wear same uniform but the have the choice to wear different military haircuts. The first type of haircut for soldiers is called induction cut. It is induction into the military. It is the haircut that the soldier gets for the first time when he is at boot camp. This haircut does not take much time and can be cut quickly. The next military haircuts include buzz cut and the flat top.


The flat top is also worn by a number of military people. This haircut is obtained by cutting the top into flat that looks like a board. The flat top haircut cannot be cut without the help of an expert hair stylist. Since the head has a round shape so making it flat is an artistic work that should be done by en expert. The sides are cut into shorter hair that gives almost a bald look. There is a variation on flat top that is known as Horseshoe flat top. It is similar to flat top with a difference that it has flair. The horseshoe flat top begins with cutting a flat top but the front shaping is much improved. It also gives a resemblance to the U shape of the horseshoe.


Other popular military haircuts include the Crew cut that is often liked by parents for their kids. Crew cut is also short and does not require much maintenance. This haircut is obtained by trimming the hair all around with the help of a razor. The haircut is trimmed close to the scalp. Next military haircuts are called high and tight that have been seen on various movie stars. It is the haircut that is popular as standard for military soldiers. If you ask a barber about the high and tight haircut he will know what exactly you are looking for. This haircut is also short and tight on the sides. The top hairs are long as compared to the sides.


In other words there is a choice for all men to get haircuts of military people. They can get the super short hairstyles for daily routine as well as for formal occasions such as business meetings etc. You must get these haircuts from an expert hair stylist.

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