Indie Haircuts

If you want indie haircuts then you must know how to carry such haircuts. First of all, you need to understand what are indie haircuts? Actually indie is related o the independent rock movement and remind of the background o f pop bands. These rock bands used to style their hair by cutting them into various haircuts. Some of them include pixie like haircut, Shaggy cut, short haircut, bed head haircut and the 60s classic haircuts. Let’s have a look into all these haircuts one by one.


The bed head haircut is one of the indie haircuts that require locks to be messy and unkempt. You can ask the hair stylist to get you indie bed head haircut. This type of haircut can only b cut by a professional and the wearer gets the look as if he has just came out of his bed. The hair become flat and sticks to another. It is an adorable haircut with short hair. In order to make the bed head more indie you can get the haircut and use appropriate styling products. Later on try to add a few streaks of color to the haircut to define a new style. You can choose nay color for the streaks.


The next haircut is the shaggy cut that is essential to get indie look. The shaggy indie haircuts need to be messy on a stylish way. To get the perfection, you can ask a hair stylist to give you a haircut. You can also get the haircut at the home but it will give you a more un-hip style. After your hair has been cut into shaggy cut you need to maintain the style by using mouse, wax or pastes. The shaggy cut does not require more hair products as compared to the bed head. You can even grow the shaggy cut into a few inches longer. But too longer hair will not fall into the category of indie haircuts.


The most important thing about indie hairstyles is that you need to maintain the haircuts regularly. Short haircuts are easy to maintain and they are comfortable to wear. You can maintain the indie hairstyles by using good quality hair care products. These hair products will help to bind the hair and will provide the desired messy look. The brit rock hairstyle is another example indie hairstyles that looks classic and give the desired looks. These are short haircuts without any fringes or bangs.


A few years ago, the indie style was meant for straight hair now men with curly or wavy can also get the indie look. The sides are kept short to make the overall haircut look short. The short hair on the sides also prevents from looking large.

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