Hair Buns

Hair buns are classic hairstyles that are easy to make and carry and make u look like chic woman. Especially if you are having a bad hair day all you have to do is to apply some gloss adding serum to your damp hair and twist them in a simple hair bun. You can accentuate your hair bun by making a puff at the crown. For this apply some volumising mousse to your barely damp hair just dried with a towel. Do some back combing at the crown and secure it with a puff and make a hair bun at the nape. Take some elegant tendrils out of the puff at your temples to make this hair bun look more alluring and gorgeous


If you want some more elegance for your hair bun you can do some side partition at your crown and take both the ends of the side partition with pins. You can add some more height to your side partition by twisting the longer end of the side partition and tucking it with a pin. You can achieve a Tudor look by twisting both the ends and make a simple hair bun at the nape.


In the Victorian times women used to go for a centre partition and make fishbone braids of two strands at the crown and tuck them with pins and conclude the fishbone braids in a simple hair bun at the nape. The fishbone braids can be entwined with ropes of pearls and jewel encrusted strings. They can also be adorned with rhinestones and colorful pins and colored strings. Another great option would be to create multiple twisted strands at your crown. Now gather them all at your nape in an elegant hair bun.


You can also make a simple braid at your nape. The braid should be done loosely and adorn the loose braid with floral strings and make a hair bun at your nape. You can also adorn the loose braid with bejeweled strings or elegant bejeweled bows to make the hair bun more glamorous.


Whatever hair buns you choose make sure it suits your hair texture, your face cut and your personality. Make sure you apply liberal amounts of hair spray to your hair bun once it is finished. So that you don’t have tresses sprouting out of it.

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