Guy’s haircuts

Hairstyles for men keep on changing with time. Some of the guy’s haircuts are simple and traditional with short hair lengths while others are fashionable and stylish. Short guy’s haircuts have been liked by men for a long time due to the ease of styling and management. Since many men don’t like to spend time on styling of hairstyle that’s why they choose short haircuts that can be styled easily. There are many guys who like to wear messy and shaggy guy’s haircuts that hang over their shoulders. But it is the choice of men and boys what they like to wear.


The Mohawk guy’s haircuts were very trendy in 198s and 1990s. But today this hairstyle has been modified and is called faux hawk. It requires cutting of side hair into shorter length and long in the middle so that spikes can be created. This haircut requires a lot of mousse or gel for styling to make trendy spikes. There are other guy’s haircuts that includes cutting of front hair in such a way that sweep over one eye. This hairstyle is very trendy and when colors are added to the haircut it becomes scene hairstyle.


Addition of color is becoming very popular among men. This trend has been in fashion for last couple of years when young boys have become conscious about the fashion. Men have started highlighting them with dark and light colors. Before getting a best hairstyle you must consider the facial shape. Men have different facial shape including square, oval, oblong, triangular, round and diamond. You can ask the hair dresser to give you a haircut according to your facial shape. Today men can wear hairstyle on all kind of hair length. The latest hairstyle for men with short hair includes spikes, fade cut, burr, crew cut, short taper, butch cut, clipper cut, tight and Caesar cut.

Men who like to get hairstyle with medium cut can get their hair colored to create a new texture and appearance. Some popular medium haircuts are called medium layered cut, shaggy cut, and classic taper and graduation cut. Next there are men who like to have long hairstyle with their long hair. They can get light curls to look sexy. Since emphasis is laid on guy’s haircuts, therefore, men are becoming more conscious about hairstyles. There are a few new techniques that are used to cut hair of young boys and men. Hair stylist use clippers to trim their hair and cut the hair by pulling them through the fingers in vertical direction instead of horizontal direction.


The age of men does not matter in selection of a haircut. The only factor that is important is to look for the facial shape the comfort of wearing the hairstyle.

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