Cute Haircuts

In the modern fast paced life it is important to look hip and crisp all the time. Whether one is going to work or throwing a small tea party at your place looking fashionable is very imperative.


Cute Haircuts are not only easy to maintain they give you that sassy cheesy look which makes heads turn whether you enter a restaurant or a cafe. Bob haircut in short haircuts is one such example .This hair cut is forever in fashion and gives your face a youthful look. There is a wide variety available in bob cut for your hair. This year bob haircuts with a slight messy look are in fashion. Add a fringe to your chine length bob and you have the most hip hair style at a gathering.


Bob haircuts are especially recommended to women with a defined jaw line and long narrow necks. The short bob would give you a chance to show off pearls at you neck or pretty earbobs clashing endearingly with your bob cut. Short bob haircut is recommended on medium to thin hair, women with curly or frizzy hair should opt for a layered neck length bob hair cut which would give their hair a textured look.


Long bob haircuts with sharp edges and bangs is also the latest look for 2011. You can give your hair a messy wavy look at the edges or iron them to give the ends a dead look depending on your mood. Hair stylists recommend long bob hair cuts for women suffering from middle age crisis as it gives their face a youthful look in this transitory period. Pixie look is another popular short haircut for this year which was worn by the famous Audrey Hepburn back in the sixties era.


The slight puff with hair falling to your ears make you look like a young and hip teenager despite your years. Getting bangs across your forehead with a small bob cuts makes you look like an absolute rock star. You can add mahogany or blonde highlights to this cropped look to give your hair variety. One thing to be careful with short hair cuts is that you get rough edges pretty soon. Your short cropped look might require a trim every six weeks to give your hair both health and gloss.


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