Asymmetrical Haircuts

There are many hairstyles that can give you a new look. One of such hairstyles is the asymmetrical haircuts. You can choose simple short haircut or long layered hairstyle with razor cut. If don’t have enough time to style your hair you can simply get a ponytail or braid with natural hair length to get a sporty look. Short asymmetrical haircuts have a number of choices including choppy cut, bob cut, pixie cut, blunt bob, shaggy cut and updos. These hairstyles can be cut with side swept bangs that fall over the eyes to give an asymmetrical appearance. Here are some suggestions for getting asymmetrical haircuts to look stylish and beautiful.


Bangs and fringes are popular to get new looks. You must get asymmetrical haircuts with bangs according to your facial structure. If you have broad forehead you can get longer fringes and bangs to cover the wideness of forehead. Bangs looks great with bob cut and it is not necessary to gets symmetrical bangs. Young girls and teenagers like to get asymmetrical bangs and layers. Asymmetrical haircuts with side swept bangs make the cheek bones prominent by emphasizing the facial features. You can even get straight bangs that fall from the front of crown and reach the eyebrows. These straight bangs can be cut asymmetrical on the sides. If you add color to the bangs you will get a funky look that will draw attention of others.


Girls having round faces can get bob cut with side swept bangs and fringes that are cut asymmetrically. There are many variations that can be obtained with bob cut and bangs. Next there is the pixie style that can be cut into asymmetrical haircuts. It is cut with short hair having asymmetrical look on the front and requires frequent maintenance. There are many celebrities who have worn pixie cut with symmetrical hairstyles. You can also look glamorous by chopping of your long hair into short pixie style.


The high buns of 1960s are again in fashion. The bun is created on the top of the head. It suits the girls having long or medium hair length. You can create the bun and let the side hair float freely on the face. These falling hairs can be arranged in such a way that can give an asymmetric look. Some girls don’t like to get their long hair cut down into shorter lengths. They can get long layers that are symmetric. It is such a hairstyle that is easy to make and look stylish. You can wear long layered hairstyle by straightening the hair and using stylish hair accessories. Men can also get asymmetric hairstyles by creating a messy look of their natural hair lengths after applying gel or mousse.

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