A-Line Haircuts

A-line haircuts are really fashionable haircuts and are being liked by many women. It is a common bob angled to be longer in the front and shorter at the back. These haircuts are not only gorgeous but also very versatile and playful. If you are really tired and sick of the showy girl next door, showing off her long hair, then it’s time for you take a step and show her the versatility of your A-line haircuts. These haircuts are mostly worn at chin-length but length can vary according to the person’s taste. Some women prefer it as short as nose-length and some want it long enough to skim their shoulders. To give this haircut more dramatic look, length of hair are kept shorter at the back. Shorter length gives more dramatic appearance to the cut. The styles with A-line haircuts works best on straight hair with medium thickness.


To get short cropped A-line haircuts. Hair length at the back of this A-Line is cut to the nape of the neck. And to create the A-line shape the sides are slightly angled. By adding fairly short layers at the back gives a lot of completeness and fullness to this hairstyle. In this haircut top, sides and bang area are also layered. To finish the style use good hair product like gel or styling spray and blow-dry with a round hair brush. You can even add texture to the hairstyle. If you want a change from a long, layered haircut then A-line bob haircut with bangs will be a nice change. Adding bangs to A-line cut will do a great job. A-line haircuts can have symmetric or asymmetric bangs. A good way to grow out bangs or to keep your forehead free from bangs is to have A-line cut with asymmetrical bangs. In this cut the bangs are designed to hang over one side of the face, it can be right or left side. The length of hair can be long or short according to the preference of the person having this haircut.


Cut the bangs short across the front of the forehead to get a retro look. Length of hair in this A-line cut is kept short and tight around the face, with shorter layers at the back near the nape of the neck and longer layers in the front falling around the jaw line. If you want to have A-line cut with hair length near the shoulders, then layers near the back of the head falling at the bottom of the neck with longer bangs will look great. Blend the bangs with the layers around the face nicely to give this style a better look. Bangs can also be cut asymmetrically. The long bangs may reach the ears, eyelids or even the jaw.

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