When choosing a hairstyle for your gorgeous hair make sure it suits your hair texture and hair type. If you have dead straight hair you should opt for a layered hair cut as it would give life to your otherwise limp hair. If you have a bony face you can choose a layered bob for your dead straight hair. A long bob with longer ends at the front and a wedge at the back makes an ideal hairdo with dead straight hair. You can dye the front ends in striking color like deep purple, mahogany or strawberry red.

You can create gorgeous up dos with dead straight hair over a long bob. You can create a slight heightened puff at the crown with flicks trailing your cheeks. You can glamorize your hair by adorning this up do with rhinestones. You entwine a floral string in your hair in the same up do. The flowers entwined in your hair in this fashion would make the up do ideal for a wedding function.

If your hair texture is curly and you have a long length in hair then there is no end to the ways in which you can style your hair. The best way to style your curly hair is to gather half your hair at the crown and tie them with a ribbon. You can also adorn your curly hair with a string of pearls tied around them or flowers entwined in your hair.

You can a messy bun out of your curly hair and let tresses out of your curly bun tease at your temples. Curly hair can be gathered in a small bun at the back of your head and the rest of the curls can be let loose cascading down your back. A jewel encrusted string can be tied around this bun and this hair style can be worn at any formal function from a red carpet event to a black tie dinner.

Choose a hairdo for your hair that suits your personality. Do not try the hairstyle for the first time in the big day since you could end up with a disaster. Make sure you have tried the hairstyle a few days before. You should make sure your hair is freshly shampooed or your hair would be oily and styling your hair would be a difficult task.