Short Bob Haircuts 2015

Short bob haircuts 2015 comes with a wide range of hairdos. The most popular on the list for the New Year includes blunt bob and choppy layered bobs. Blunt bob is more fitting for formal occasions and is best for you if you have thick hair. On the contrary, choppy layered bobs are best for casual occasions, forming layers that are styled with point chopping. These are good for you if you have thin hair because choppy layered bob gives you abrupt volume.

Short bob haircuts 2015 also introduce the inverted bob silky hairdo whereby the locks on the side can be regular or irregular.

The best bob haircuts for short hair is the neck length dual toned hairstyle that appears vivid and charismatic. With this bob hairstyle, the suave hairs rest elegantly on the sides of your face and in the outlying area. Both sides are surfaced across the bottom end with a little razor slash in order to make the dull hairline smoother. This sets the hairstyle in a well-defined position. When we cut the bangs horizontally, the bob hairstyle can compliment a number of face structures. Moreover, if you add blue color, you will get a great contrast for smooth finishing.


The short bob haircuts 2015 are also marked by A line haircuts, featured by its lengthy side brushed bangs that have a noticeable arc line and skillfully shaped layers. The end of the hair with this style finishes with rounded trim portions, presenting an excellently outlined appearance. It is pertinent to put here that this short bob hairstyle comes with casual splendor and austerity.


Another trending short bob hairstyle for 2015 is curly bob hairstyle that comes with a spectacular pink color and is best for women having both curly hair and straight hair. The curls in your hair would add flexibility while the hairstyle will add volume to your thin hair. Remember that this type of bob comes with feel and smoothness. This can be easily formed on medium hair too and it can compliment a wide range of facial structures.

The neck length bob is yet another option for 2015. With this hairstyle, the hair will lay smoothly on the sides of your face and in the peripheral area. On the other hand, the stacked bob haircuts are best for fine hair. Also called the ombre short hair, this bob also involves layered hairs on both sides of your face but giving you a hairline that would leave the moist hairdo with a definite shape. Moreover, this hairstyle will look very cute and can be easily achieved.


When it comes to brown curly haircuts for women with short hair, the hair is skillfully layered at the rear and sides to improve the recoil capability of the waves, contributing breadth and outline to the marvelous bob. This type of bob is extremely charming and is best for a number of events, is it formal or casual. It is very simple and effortless to achieve.

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