Long Bob Haircuts

Long bob haircuts are the grown form of classic bob cut in which the hair are grown to longer length and cut above the shoulders. The wearer can also get the bangs with long bob to add effect to the hairstyle. Bob cut is popular since 1909 and has been modified with time and changing fashion trends. The traditional bob style is cut to get sleek and short look that reaches shoulders and chin. But with the passage of time, the trend has been changed and hair stylists have modified the traditional looks and call it long bob haircuts. It goes well with all the hair color, hair types and face shapes.


Today, bob cut is categorized into various types. The first type is the short bob cut with a blunt style and layers add bounce to the hairstyle. Bob cut with chin length is cut at the jaw line and is relatively short at the back. It is suitable for the round faces to give the face a sleek look. Second type is the long bob cut that is cut with layers and can be worn by round and oval face shapes. Angled and inverted bob cut is also combined with long bob haircuts and layers. While getting an inverted bob for long hair, you must get layered cut to add texture and volume at the crown. On the other hand, the angled bob cut has even angles at the front. Both the cuts give an elegant look to the wearer.

There are some other varieties of long bob haircuts including asymmetrical bob that have introduced for those who want a funky look. The wavy bob cut is cut evenly at the neckline and can be maintained easily. Then there is the spiky bob cut that is short at the back and long on the sides and spikes add a new look to the appearance. Other type of long bob haircuts include mod bob cut that is highlighted by addition of bangs. It gives a completely different look with bangs of different lengths of bangs. Bangs can be cut into short or long length. Before you get the long bob cut you must follow some simple and basic rules.


Firstly, long bobs can look bland if you opt for a blunt cut so try to add stacked layers to add volume and dimension. But make sure hat you don’t add too many layers to the bob cut otherwise it will become a layered haircut instead of a bob cut. You can ask the hair stylist to give you bob cut with a razor or a scissors to add shape to the ends. You must get the bob shorter at the back and long at the sides.

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