Women's Fashion

Women’s fashion nowadays has taken a dramatic turn towards trends which have definitely made and added to the appeal of dressing; making them more modern and daring in outlook. The New Year has witnessed the influx of numerous styles and designs which on the ramps have received instant appreciation. Since the overall fashion trend inclines towards extra creativity and uniqueness in approach; a manifold concept has been applied through various channels to simmer up the vibrant and attractive looks which were earlier not so much in vogue. Women’s fashion of today seems to celebrate the nostalgic trends and traits with an added flavor of modernism to give a double dose appeal and grace; which has certainly proved fruitful. The wide variety of designs such as the cutout, one shoulder, halter, strapless, A-line, ruffled hems etc are some of the trendiest designs.


Women's fashion has the trend of short dresses as one of its prime features and the markets are replete with a sensational stock of short dresses; which are available for every formal, informal and casual wear with high heels to complement a good leggy figure. The printed miniskirts with embroidered hems, ruffled end, cutout borders etc are some of the very trendy and graceful ways to end the short length. The large collar shirts in block colors are another very hot trend in the Women’s fashion which has been extensively used in many getups.


Be it short suits, long trousers, jeans, winter pants, short skirts etc the collar shirts tend to complement all for a casually formal and sexy look. For the more passionate and hot occasions such as the prom, homecoming and the red carpet functions; the Women’s fashion has a very stunning stock of dress trends which have a lot of emphasis on the fancy work and exposure in the short dresses. Sequined, lace, stones, adorned waists, shimmer and shine, and gems are some of the most prominent fancy works which have become a hot trend in the Women’s fashion. The use of large and dramatic sized jewelry also facilitates the women folk to keep a well embellished look. The coral stone work is one of the hottest color trends in the women’s fashion and tends to adorn even the plain and simple block colored clothes. The use makeup with vibrant eye shades is also a frequent sight out on the streets.


In hairstyling the Women’s fashion has seen a new horizon of outlook and approach; which through deliberate means have been given a lustrous and fiercer look through the edgy, choppy and razor cuts and excessive use of hair shades and styling products which aim at providing shine to the hair texture. Women’s fashion is now an arena which has so much to offer the ladies for a very modern and bold outlook for all events and needs.

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