Fashion tips for Women

Fashion tips for women include many tips for woman from walks of life. This include woman who are stay at home wives or moms as well as women who belong to the corporate sector. For instance if you work nine to five and would want to go and buy a business suit for yourself then there a good deal of fashion tips for women of your kind.


For starters measure the area around your bust line in detail. Next measure your waistline with utmost care. This might include your belly area as well. After this measure the fullest side of your hips. This ought to be about seven to nine inches below your waist line. After you have taken your measurements to perfection, then you can buy the suit that fits your figure to perfection. You can either shop online for your business suit or go to any regular store and try the different sizes available.


Make sure you do not get anything too fitted as you would have to work long hours in this suit . At the same time avoid getting something in extra large size as you would want to look alluring and presentable yet comfortable. The shoulders with perfection and the cuffs should come right at your blazer of the suit ought to fit your wrists instead of hanging on your hands. Also make sure you should make sure that the skirt or trousers should hug your waist line softly instead of biting into it as that might make you uncomfortable all dying with the urge to change in your pajamas.

If you have alot a big upcoming formal event then fashion tips for women can help you a lot in choosing the right dress for yourself. First of all make sure you choose a fabric that suits your figure as well as the weather. You cannot wear a wool gown or mink gown in the heat of June. Similarly it would be a disaster to wear something made out of silk in the sheer cold months of December. Make sure you have the right accessories and handbag/clutch to go with your selected gown.


It is very important to wear the complete attire when dressing up for a formal occasion. Your hairstyle is also something of utmost importance when wearing a formal dress at a black tie event. Make sure you choose an updo or down do that suits the cut of your dress as well as your persona. If you have a long and narrow neck and well toned creamy shoulders then it would be a very good idea to wear your hair in an elegant bun at the top of your head with soft tendrils protruding out at your temples. You can also style your hair in a French chignon.


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