Summer Sandal Styles for Women

With the arrival of spring and summer, everything in fashion tends to blossom out with magnificent stocks of vibrant clothes and outfits. The most thrilling part of the summer getup is the experimentation of trying out the latest stock of casual shoes that can facilitate a better image and comfortable movement in and around the neighborhood with complete grace of trendiness. The summer sandal styles are some of the very appealing shoe styles to look forward to because of the unique combination of concepts and accessorizing items; which truly charm up your lovely summer look. These latest sandal styles have a complete variety of designs for women and girls with alterations of colors and styles to complement the age factor.


Sandal styles for summer this year have made extensive use of many jewelry inspired concepts to add an embellished look to these shoes. One feature however, remains the distinctive feature of almost all the sandal styles and that is of a flat heel that displays a really casual look which goes well with outfits such as frocks, skirts, jeans and even pants. One of the hottest sandal styles is the Egyptian sandal that has brown metal chains around the ankle with slight blue and orange chains in between to give an apparent Egyptian look. The base of these sandal styles has matching print styles on the sole to facilitate a well balanced look. Another Egyptian inspired sandal style is the lustrous metallic and gold sandals which have massive luster on the straps that are wrapped around to the calf length in a mummy style and effortlessly through fabric shine cast an appealing look of simplicity.


Sandal styles in the stripped net designs are also some varieties that have the charm to be fit for your taste. They have a large broad strap in the center that has dramatic angled transparent beads with inner designing. They have more charm than what can be related through words and are a must to have for a good match with all types of summer outfits. Since creativity is all the hue and cry in the latest fashion, tampering with different looks in the latest sandal styles is the punch line of the new variety. These center strapped sandal styles can be found in the floral, beaded, stone and rubber appliqué styles as well. It is basically a fun filled stock to make your summers all the more exciting. For more; the multi stranded sandal styles are also some very appealing stocks to turn attention to for a good addition and change in style. Last but not the least; the stone and crystal studded sandal styles are some of the very unique and delicate styles to avail this year. The medium broad studded strap around and above the ankle and other strap just below the fingers; gives maximum sparkling exposure to your feet, which will definitely require you to pamper your feet and keep them glamorous intact and adorned for maximum flattering look of your feet as well as the appeal of your sandal styles.

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