Long Boot Styles

In women’s fashion there have been some clearly chalked out styles which are to add the extra tinge of the latest trends of fashion in the overall getup. Out of the numerous trends that have initiated this year, the trend of long boot styles has also been a popular one. Since a tall and elegant feminine look is the call of the latest fashion; therefore, designers and fashion experts have catered to this need by dishing out a fabulous collection of long Boot styles, which are bound to no seasonal conditions; but just to satiate the quench for a cool and trendy look. The boot styles tend to give a flattered image to the casual jeans wear, short skirt dresses and the winter dressing.


Long Boot styles are basically identical in outlook and the difference of variation lies in the numerous traits of creativity inducted in them. Bearing a height of 4 to 12 inches, these long Boot styles are absolutely worth every penny you spend on them. Another mega feature of these boots is the use of the multiple textures of leather; ranging from the extra soft and wrinkled to the more lustrous and hard leather materials. If you think that by having the same features of material, length and style; it will be a stock of identical foot wear then you need to be ready for a good appraisal of the wonders which the fashion designers have performed. Creativity is in fact the punch line of these long Boot styles and out of the so many styles; one is bound to win your vote of confidence.

Starting off with the simple layout designs, the plain dark brown wrinkled long length boots are the traditional looks of the soft and durable leather; which has plaited bands acting as adornments attached around the shoe diameter. However, innovative approaches have fused in them carved patterns for a better image projection and there is even more variety in the carved styles. Some are simple carved patterns while other long Boot styles have metallic spray to offer a more forceful impact to the carved designs.


Long Boot styles have been given the traits of all the blockbuster trends of this year’s fashion. For example, the cut-out and embroidered styles are doing great business in clothing. They have been introduced into the long Boot styles. The colorful and vibrant floral patterned embroidery and the cut-out designs have really an appealing look which makes them all the more wanting. The animal print style too has too been incorporated through slight glimpses by the use of contrasting shades of brown leather to give rise to the leopard long Boot styles. The trend of this long length does not bound the boots to extra large measurements only, taking them down to 5 inches also does good in helping building a tall and elegant look. The sequined and patterned shoes and the hard lustrous long Boot styles are also some of the styles worth mentioning. Their comparatively shorter length has been given extra adornment with the use of metallic chains and crystals.

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