Women’s Fashion

The fall season is a precedent to the chill of winters which means it is time to shop for coats, mittens and sweaters. The autumn season of 2011 has brought many interesting options for us. Jumpsuits made of silk and satin are the latest fashion trend in women’s fashion scene this fall. These jumpsuits make great formal wear especially when accessorized with decorative belts. The decorative belts could be jewel encrusted or sheer metallic in nature. You can also wear a belt around your waist that is a jangle of chains.

Thigh length woolen coats in reds and blacks are among the top women’s fashion clothes this season. These coats come with a hoods attached to them and leather buckles across the front. You can wear sheer leggings under these coats with stiletto heels on your sexy feet.

Cheetah prints are all the rage for women’s fashion this season. You can wear a tight fitted knee length cheetah printed dress that hugs your figure snugly or a cheetah fur as a drape over sheer black leggings. Platform heels with straps across your feet are also in fashion this season in suede and leather. These would look absolutely chic and stylish on your feet.

Thigh length tapered dresses in shades of fawn are also being worn a great deal among women’s fashion clothing. A chestnut pure leather belt over this dress would look super sexy and accentuate your waist line. If you are in the mood to show off a great deal of skin you can wear a thigh length black skirt and a cheetah printed top in black and white colors. This top shows off some skin at your waist at the sides and is cleavage deep. It is also backless and basically creates a cleavage deep halter neck with a jewel encrusted brooch adorning it.

Cheetah printed fur purses with long metallic straps are also very hip and in among the women’s fashion. Cheetah printed Lycra top with full sleeves and a polo neckline is also a sexy combination when worn over a fitted black skirt for the women’s fashion clothing. Black peep toes under the above mentioned attire would complete the sexy image and make men ogle the minute you would step in any place. Make sure you try the latest women’s fashion clothing and shine like a jewel in the crowd.