Worst Fashion Combinations

Fashion is a two-pronged tool that works well with the use of smart and intelligent concepts in chalking out ones getup combinations. Though it points out what runs in vogue and allows you to be trendy and cool, yet the worst types of fashion combinations can offer results quite opposite to the expectations. People often make the crucial mistake in judgment by impulsively believing that the weird combinations on the fashion ramps can be as stunning and appealing in ordinary life. Fashion shows are a mere platform of displaying; whether through eccentric combinations, the stock of latest trends that needs to be propagated to the public notice for business profits. They in no way assert the odd matching’s to be a part of your personality.


Worst fashion combinations tend to make you a laughing stock in crowds and you can be targeted and even criticized for a really pathetic effort to look trendy. This however, does not mean that one should not tamper and experiment with new looks and styles; but just a mere assertion of being judicious is the requirement. Worst fashion combinations are a frequent sight out in the markets and hilariously; celebrities who are the ambassadors of fashion; too at times tend to distort the whole concept of being trendy and inspirational. One of the worst combinations you can make is of opting for the matching color in everything that is a part of your apparently deliberate cool getup.


The impact of the ‘full length same color’ tends to conceal appeal of the trendy things you might have put on; no matter how hot and popular they are. The trend of animal prints has been quite in vogue these past few years and their appeal is certainly solid and hot. However, emphasizing the wild print look too much can be the worst mistake you can make unintentionally. One item is sufficient; so try adding the rest with a pure block matching shade for better appeal. Keeping your height in mind; select the shoe styles that can add to the lacking; or minimize the excessive physical prominence through selective styles.


Women make the worst mistake of opting for flat sandals despite short height; which further sinks their look into the ground. Another major thing to look out for is the use of hair shades that complement your skin tone and hairstyles that enhance the beauty of the facial features. Any contradiction may have serious fashion consequences. Last but not the least, hips matter most; especially for women, if you have giant sized hips; the worst mistake you could possibly make is to wear tightest and skinny jeans; which tend to accentuate the distorted figure and deprive you of your satisfaction of flaunting the physical charm of your body.


Worst combinations in fact provide a healthy platform of pin pointing the flaws that can really tarnish your image and can make you learn from the embarrassing experience of others; what to avoid and how to refrain from the worst combinations.

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