What Determine Trends

What determines trends? Whenever something new is introduced in fashion, people tend to blindly follow it and make it a distinctive trait of the society for a certain period of time. It is in fact worth pondering over the fact as to whom and what determines fashion trends. are there no checks and balance on the determiners? It is always good to be updated with how things tend to work around you; especially those which tend to influence and intimidate your lifestyles.


Though it is basically you who has the final saying in what you opt for your getup, there are factors that manipulate your choice. It is therefore, the factors in and around us which determine what is to be followed and how. First of all it is the human necessity that initially sets the standard of dressing up for a better and more civilized human look. Following that; it is the creativity of presentation of adept designers that wins over the hearts to try out something new and fresh. Since curiosity and thrill is in man’s nature therefore, he/she loves to try out whatever is introduced. It is not that only designers can determine what will be the trend; they are just the mobile channels through which this effort is presented before all. The real power of what and how is basically inspiration; which can come from millions of things around us. Since progress and advancement are the ultimate goals of humanity, therefore, talent is deliberately utilized to make modifications in dress trends so that they not only meet the modern requirement but also tend to offer a change from the monotonous look.


What determines trends to a great extent is also nature; which has millions of things that can offer inspiration to motivate transitions in trends. For example seasons tend to determine what type of material; whether warm or thin are to be used, Seasonal temperature determines what color should be opted and shoes styles are also dependent upon the seasonal demand. Trends in jewelry have also been seen to have taken massive inspiration from natural phenomenon. For example, Coral Sea shell, pearls are the oceanic factors of influence being some of the most popular trends in jewelries. Animal print styles are reflective of the wildlife and they too have made a great addition in the latest stocks of shoes, coats, dresses, accessories, handbags etc. apart from that the physical structures, skin tone and cultural and religious factors also determine what trends should be like. This accounts for the difference of dress and lifestyle trends globally. Trends come and fade away with time and these are however, no hard and fast rules as to what determines fashion trends in a society but a feeble attempt to trigger logical and practical thought towards knowing the ultimate factors that influence what the choices and decisions of one’s lifestyle are to be.

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