Ways to imprint Audrey Hepburn’s style (part 1)

There are certain ways to imprint and replicate Audrey Hepburn’s style. You can self educate yourself in order to understand the nature of her personality and her way of thinking to dress up while adapting that very same style into your own wardrobe. We shall be giving you simple little tips and will be guiding you along the way as to how you can imprint the very same fashion into your lifestyle. So moving along and discussing the real matter there is for you ladies the first way to imprint Audrey Hepburn’s style is to focus on yourself as well as focus and concentrate on your grooming. So what is all the discussion about grooming we will tell you in this article as this is the first part of this article as there shall be a second one as we shall educate you ladies how you can replicate and imprint the famous iconic style member’s fashion.


Audrey Hepburn certainly knew how to carry herself and had the knowledge of how to take control of good grooming. From her perfectly manicured nails to her groomed and well aligned eyebrows to her bold and fascinating luscious red lips we know she was the queen of good grooming. At times we want to dig in more and see about the overall look rather than what we are wearing. She certainly had a thing to focus and take time out on her grooming herself. If it was Audrey to wear a paper sack we certainly know that she would had still looked marvelous and the style icon that she is today. When talking on implicating the very self grooming that we have discussed above we come to know that a lot of grooming can be done easily for free or it can be done for cheap. It certainly has the weight of having a great effect on you overall look. From having a well fresh clean manicure to owning neutral nails, getting a classy haircut or trimming or having nicely shaped well balanced eyebrows we can truly tell you with great honesty that good grooming can often easily have a more impact than just wearing designer and expensive clothes. So it is essential that you maintain your grooming and don’t let your guard down. We can easily take care of ourselves and all it takes is a little bit of your precious time as well as effort.


While talking grooming there is another aspect of grooming we would like to talk about. Audrey Hepburn was known when applying makeup to highlight her one feature at a time. You can easily show off your favorite feature one at a time. If we take a sneak at Audrey’s moments we can see she wearing either a heavy liner that was finished with neutral lips or demure eyes with bold lips. Less makeup means more class and style.


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