Fashion Trends 2011

High heel shoes in stilettos fashion in shimmery shades look really sexy as per fashion trends of 2011. You can also opt for thigh length single breasted fawn coat over skinny denim jeans. Look hip this season by wearing black dress pants under a turquoise top. Wear a lilac top under black dress pants. The lilac top has short sleeves and a shallow U neckline.


Dark blue ankle length dress with a thigh high slit makes a sexy evening gown. It has a shallow V neckline and full sleeves. This dress is a combination of mystery and sexy appeal. A small belt encircles your waistline in a becoming manner.


Choose grey baggy pants in crocodile prints and wear them over a pair of high heel black platforms. Choose a sky blue fur coat over a powder pink top that has a closed colour. The combination of mink and pink makes you look very soft and feminine. Make sure you apply soft make up on your face with this attire to look appealing and entrancing.


A sleeveless black top over black dress pants look really hot and sexy. The black sleeveless top has a double breasted cut and accentuates your figure in a becoming manner. This dress is ideal for women who have a pear shaped bodies as it highlights your arms and hides your hips very sensibly.


White nylon dress with gashes in the front, that is , somewhere near your ribs look very cool. You should get them with elbow length sleeves and fur caps to create a look of luxury and snugness. Wear jet black opaque leggings underneath and a fur black and white bad to accessorize the entire dress.


Check prints ion autumn colors like army trucks green, burnt orange and navy blues are all the rage for fashion trends of 2011. Wear socks in crocodile skin under them and look like elegant and youthful school girls. Block heel crocodile skin buckle boots look very classy with this attire and create an aura of sophistication as well. Wear mustard yellow gloves with them to add some color to the overall outfit and look like a sweet sixteen belle.

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