Spring Fashion Trends 2011

Spring fashion trends this year bring a combination of vintage and bright hues that would your wardrobe a vintage and sassy look at the same time. Spring fashion trends this year would add class to your personality without making you look dowdy.


Spring fashion trends 2011 is showcasing the 70s trends this year as well. Women are advised to wear bandanas of all sorts around their foreheads. You can choose floral foreheads or printed silk bandanas in bright hues. Bandanas look best on dead straight hair and create the ultimate sexy look.

Wear high waisted wide leg pants this year if you want to follow spring fashion trends 2011. Also opt for net bow blouses made from silk and satin that have billowing sleeves. Wear high neck sweater that are loosely in your pants or skirts. If you want to create a hard core 70s look go for beaded sweaters. The pants should be made from classic pure wool in checkered prints or neat pinstriped zig zag prints in shades of brown , black and white


Jump suits have been the highlight of spring fashion trends of 2011 this year. You can opt for satin jump suits which can be further adorned with jewel encrusted and metallic belts . Choose fabrics that have a metallic sheen quality to them. For formal wear


Huge leather bags are also recommended by fashion designers for women who want to follow the spring fashion trends of 2011. You can wear them over mini-skirts or maxi dresses depending on your mood. Spring fashion trends of 2011 dictate that you ought to wear ample jewellery this season including lots of bangles at your wrists or rings on your fingers that have huge well cut stones encrusted on them. However, you should be careful that the jewellery should not look bohemian but classy since you do not want to look like a gypsy or a hippy.


Long straight hairstyles are all the rage for the women who are obsessive fans of spring fashion trends of 2011. They can opt for long flowing hair or straight long bobs. Centre partition is recommended with this long and straight hairstyles. The hairstyles for spring fashion trends of 2011 are ideal for women who have round faces as it adds proportion to your face cut and reduces its roundness a great deal.

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